thank you for such a great restock today! next shop opening is TBD!

our next shop opening is:

TBD! Stay tuned for our Announcement!


We operate on a weekly "shop opening basis". Once we open, we will accept the first 85 orders that come in. Once we hit that maximim order intake, we will close the shop until the next opening.

ALL orders have a three week processing time, so please plan accordingly for your trips.

There are over 75 designs available (and way more than what is featured here on the front page of the website, so be sure to look around!)

We typically hit our maximum weekly order intake very quickly, so be sure to follow us on Instagram for the best tips and tricks to be able to snag your ears in time!


about us

Park Hopper Design may have started as a one-woman show, but now it wouldn't be possible without Lo AND Dal!